About ERC

    Energy Research Consultants (ERC) was founded in 1990 in order to fulfill a growing need for application of state-of-the-art experimental and numerical modeling tools to problems associated with energy generation and use.  In particular, ERC maintains expertise in the characterization of non-reacting and reacting flows such as those found in automotive combustion chambers and exhaust after-treatment systems, as well as those found in gas and spray-fired gas turbine combustion systems and industrial processes.
    The expertise ranges from the basic science of combustion, turbulent transport, and diagnostics to practical configurations in the area of gaseous fuel injection, liquid-fuel atomization, swirl, pollutant formation and control, and fuel/air mixing.
    Problems which require fast and confidential answers via advanced research tools which are not  otherwise readily available are addressed through experienced personnel and a fully equipped research laboratory. In addition, on site work can be accommodated. Both experimental and numerical studies are conducted for clients that are addressing mission oriented, timeline dependent projects.
    ERC is located in Laguna Hills, California

Application of laser diagnostics for characterization of sprays... data obtained can be used for model development and insight into the physics of spray behavior